See how and why people are breaking free from the 'Status Quo' and realizing their full God given potential! 
and breaking Free!
People are waking up
"I feel very welcome as if I am among friends and kindred spirits." 
 - Jerry A., Wilson, Wyoming.

"I like how there are people pursing many different remedies, i.e. citizenship, legal matters, and financial independence. I also like how there are a wide range of members and knowledge. I enjoy seeing the conversations in the Skype logs." 
- Mike U., Nashville Tennessee
We don't do 'hype' or make false promises.  Everything is a process and nothing is guaranteed.  Our members are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work as we help each other.  Each of us deals with our own issues as we travel down our own individual path to success and freedom.  The value 
of membership is in immersing one's self into an environment of exceptional tools, knowledge and collaboration with others so that none of us is 
fighting any battle 'alone'. 
Why people trust us
The breadth and wide scope of the subject matter we deal with make this a 'one stop shop' for dealing with a wide range of issues as you can see above.
Lighthouse Law is a 'club'.  We are member driven.  We draw upon the cumulative knowledge and experience of all of our members, a number of whom are quite distinguished and leaders in their own right.  You won't find this kind of 'synergy' anywhere else!
The Lighthouse Law Club
will shine a light on your path to;
- tax free wealth building as a passive investor in our investment club

- guidance on how to generate more cash flow to invest

- creating a high level of immunity from legal attacks 

- financial privacy 

- private banking

- cancelling fraudulent mortgages in the courts and eliminating monthly payments to be able to live in your home free and clear.

- building a location independent internet business which you can operate from anywhere you'd like to be in the world
- disappearing in plain sight so as to drop off the radar of the 'revenooers' and 'burearats'

- learning the secrets of the super rich as it relates to asset protection 

- finding tax free double digit monthly growth possibilities

- early retirement

- legally eliminating the IRS from your life permanently

- learning how to nullify almost any court case coming against you 

- changing your legal status from 'U.S. Citizen' to 'American National'
We helped these people
— we can help you.